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Diwani Oak

Diwani has been a practising Artist for over 30 years.

She has worked with felt for the last ten years, juxtaposing

the qualities of paint and the luscious texture and colours of

felt to give her work a distinctive quality. The two different

mediums work together to add a unique dimension to each

piece, which is at once sculptural and painterly.

The work is not quiet, and not often small! She likes her work

to have an impact on the space around it and for the work

to draw the viewer into its energy and vibrancy.

Use the links above to see more of her work and view the

changing slideshows on each page.

Recent Commisions:

2015 commission : Moonlight Maples

Size: approx 1m x 2m canvas
Acrylic paint and felt

2016 commission : Autumn Leaves

Size: approx 1m x 1.5m canvas
Acrylic paint and felt